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Bespoke Lactation Support

I am here to hold you so you can hold them

Welcome to Motherly Support, a private breastfeeding midwifery service founded by mum and Midwife, Amelia Warren, and based in South London. I'm here to support you on your motherhood journey so you can focus on holding your baby.

As a Registered Midwife and Breastfeeding Specialist, I've experienced firsthand the challenges of the postnatal period and feeding. My goal is to make your journey positive and empowering, allowing you to concentrate on nourishing and bonding with your newborn. I offer at-home breastfeeding consultations and classes including using a pump, introducing solids and returning to work.

I recognize that every mother and baby pair is unique, and I provide personalized care and guidance to ensure a joyful feeding and postnatal experience. My dedicated and compassionate approach has made Motherly Support a trusted resource for families throughout South and Central London.

Explore the photos and services below to learn more about how I can assist you.



Available at short notice including evenings and weekends

Home Visits

Our in-home support has been instrumental in the success of many clients. Amelia provides flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate your needs.


During the consultation, she will create a detailed feeding plan, teach new feeding positions, optimize positioning and attachment to the breast, and conduct oral assessments to check for tongue ties. Additionally, you will receive 2 weeks of follow-up support over the phone and have ongoing access to Amelia for any further questions or concerns.

Virtual Support

If geography or time constraints make it more convenient, I also offer Zoom consultations, available at short notice.


Online consultations provide an opportunity to address specific feeding challenges, such as medications while breastfeeding, managing mastitis, handling sleep issues, and answering any questions or queries you may have.

Antenatal One to One Class

These one-to-one sessions provide an opportunity to discuss the latest research, avoid common issues, and plan for a successful start to breastfeeding.

Sessions cover the physiology of breastfeeding, optimal positioning and attachment, and colostrum harvesting. These classes are also beneficial for partners, helping them learn how to best support breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Group sessions are also available.

Postnatal Midwifery Care

I am dedicated to supporting you through your postnatal journey, offering the highest level of personalized care. Recognizing that postnatal care is crucial but often rushed due to limited NHS appointments, I provide flexible services tailored to your schedule, including night visits if needed. I conduct comprehensive postnatal assessments for both mother and baby, fostering a supportive relationship with you and your family. This approach significantly reduces parental stress and promotes recovery during those precious first weeks with your newborn. I would be delighted to create a flexible care package that meets your family's unique needs. Please feel free to call me to discuss further.

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